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Recommended to be used with Facial Brush.
Discolouration Cleansing Bar
Absolutely essential for the treatment of pigmentation. Great for Asian clients to keep their skin light. It is designed to initiate your daily regime of Lighteners. Many compounds have anti-melanin properties, addressing one or more of the myriad chemical reactions along the pathway, reaching its highest point in melanin production, dispersion and fixation.
Dry Skin Cleansing Bar treats dry & sensitive skins, and also effective for eczema and psoriasis sufferers. The Dry Skin Cleansing Bar is very effective against skin conditions where scaling or accelerated cell proliferation is involved.
Glucana Skin Cleansing Bar works for all skin types. This versatile cleanser can also be used as a ‘shaving creme’ for men who want to prevent shaving rashes. Though this bar is very mild, it is highly effective in deep cleansing. It contains a pH balanced formula which contains NO alkalinity. It also contains the magic Beta-Fructan.
Acne Skin Cleansing Bar is a two layer bar; it contains salicylic acid which is able to get inside the pore to really clean debris out, and the second layer being hemlock oil which also assists in the flow out of bacterial produced waste material from the skin’s pores. It is effective on acne-prone and oily skin’s. The Acne Skin Cleansing Bar contains salicylic acid to get inside and clean the pore with a topical sulphur zone to extract the bacterial produced waste material.

Mini Cleansing Bar 15g

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