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A foundation like a second skin with a ’Nude-Finish’. The high definition foundation combines opposites: it is ultra light yet creamy, invisible yet covering, unnoticeable however perfect. It contains high-definition pigments which are produced with a special HPP-technology (High Performing Pigments Technology). These pigments are characterized through their excellent performance, ultimate intensity and special luminosity. These have a deciding influence on the properties of the foundation:
  Ultimate application experience: immediately after using, the texture melts into the skin and becomes absolutely unnoticeable.
Natural transparency: The foundation appears to become ’invisible’, even up close.
Stay-true-colour and good durability: Thanks to the HPP technology, the make-up has a very clear color and doesn`t darken after use. The complexion stays very bright the whole day without any grayness forming – it appears flawless, fresh and radiant.
Satin-finish with a soft focus effect: The super-fine, high definition pigments develop particular color radiance on account of their special production process. Due to this they optically balance the skin tone and create the effect of a smooth, perfect skin which glows in its own radiance. Skin looks finer and smoother and little lines and shadows become invisible.
Buildable coverage: The coverage of this ultra-light texture can be intensified by repeated application without seeming mask-like.
High Definition Foundation contains a 4 in 1 complex:
Moisturizing, because of 3 different types of hyaluronic acids which, due to their individually varying molecular weight, work into different layers of the skin.
Nourishing, thanks to viola tricolour (pansies) extract.
Supportively nourishing with panthenol and vitamins A and E.
Suitable for sensitive skin.

ARTDECO High Definition Foundation

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