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Erase-A-Line 30ml




Erase-A-Line Soft Peel Concentrate is used for removal of skin’s fine lines, wrinkles, dry, post acne scarring skin, acne, skin’s hyper-pigmentation, photo-damage. It combines two major ingredients, having a greater effect than either one alone. Vitamin A and Amino-Guanidine.

Vitamin A indications


Vitamin-A is essential to the health of the epithelial tissues (skin and mucous membrane). Some surveys suggest that as much as 30 percent of the population has below average concentrations of Vitamin-A. You can suspect a Vitamin-A deficiency if you’re developing premature facial wrinkles, bumps on the skin, flakiness, skin rashes, dry skin, and scaly scalp. You’ll also have increased susceptibility to infection.



An Anti-oxidant and glucose activator. Helps to inhibit glycation in ageing skin, which is a precursor to deep cross-linked wrinkles. In the natural ageing process, sugar storage shifts to connective tissue (collagen, elastin), which hardens the protein matrix of tissue and interferes with the guidance system. Aminoquanidine steers free radicals and reactive oxygen species into lethal sweets and destroys them. This is a key ingredient in the strategy against ageing.



Can make the skin receptors to re-select its new epidermal building blocks from the “fetal repertoire” (i.e. cells with no mutations).

Then the wrinkle sustaining adult keratins are replaced by smoother, more elastic, and wrinkle resistant fetal-type keratins.

New skin cells emerge without the aged or existing wrinkle prone epidermal cells.


After your evening cleanse, apply Erase-A-Line with fingers. Work carefully around eye and lip areas, then entire face and neck. Past troubles with the use of topical AHA’s or any carotenes, cartenoids, or retinoids may indicate that this product may be unsuitable.



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