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The Clinical Body Shaper (Alypos) is listed on the TGA medical device registry as follows:

"An ultrasonic device used for the transdermal application of ultrasonic energy for fat reduction by means of biological cavitation which consists in the formation of vapour zones (bubbles) within interstitial areas of the body.  Such bubbles implode provoking shock waves able to selectively damage the membranes of fat cells resulting in a reduction of body fat."  ARTG#:162555

Combining Safety with Efficacy

- External ultrasound cavitation system for safe treatments of adipose tissue & cellulite

- A Clinically proven Body Shaping solution to combine totally non-invasive treatments with measurable results

- TGA listed as being able to selectively damage the membranes of fat cells resulting in reduction of body fat

- Results visible from the 1st treatment showing a significant reduction in measurements of up to three centimeters per treatment

- Safe expulsion of the lysage (melted fat) which is absorbed & metabolised by the lymphatic, liver & kidney systems

- No anesthesia

- No downtime

- The real non-invasive alternative to any surgical liposuction

Clinical Results

- On the basis of blood tests and clinical data (pre & post liver ultrasound), it is confirmed that there are no specific clinical side effects or adverse effects caused by abnormal chemical-physical-biological alternations

- The intensity produced with ultrasound cavitation in the Clinical Body Shaper is effective on the lysis of a considerable amount of fat tissue localised in areas such as the abdomen, buttocks and hips

- No pain or discomfort reported by the patients during or following treatment

- No damage to neighbouring blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue

- After just one treatment an appreciable average reduction of up to 3 centimeters in circumference can be observed

The safe, non surgical solution for body contouring and cellulite reduction for males & females



It is scientifically proven, that after a cavitation session, excess liquid & lymphatic stagnation are immediately drained & expelled by means of the urinary system just 10 minutes after treatment, & there is a significant increase in diuresis in the hours following treatment which continues to the next day.


A slightly acidity & change in the smell & colour of the urine, which tends to be pale yellow, can be observed after the 1st session with Clinical Body Shaper, especially in patients with a considerable amount of body fat expelled.


The fat in the body which has been dissolved & metabolised by the lymphatic, liver & kidney systems is phagocytised by macrophages. This process can continue for up to 3 months after the last treatment.

Combining Cavitation & Radio Frequency

The Clinical Body Shaper uses ultrasound technology to deliver focused ultrasound to target and disrupt only adipose tissue, leaving other critical surrounding structures such as skin, blood vessels, and connective tissue intact.  To quickly assist the body or treated area to rid itself of the damaged fat cells, it is recommended to combine the Clinical Body Shaper with CEYA Radiofrequency.

In order to eliminate the excess liquefied fat (lysate) at an accelerated rate & achieve optimum results, the client must take part in regular cardiovascular type exercise or have lymphatic drainage immediately after each body shaping treatment through massage, compression vacuum or any other mechanically based techniques such as the CEYA Radiofrequency.

CEYA (Cap Energy Youth Activator)

This is a unique Radio Frequency Device with mono & bipolarity options depending on use.

Heating is produced from within as tissues absorb energy into the body.

- Enhances blood profusion & increases oxygen dissociation from oxy-hemoglobin

- Facilitates fibroblast activity

- Increases metabolism of fat cells

- Tightens the skin (septae & overall collagen)

Treatment Convenience

- A safe & quick "walk-in-walk-out based procedure

- Clinically tested treatment areas include different areas of abdomen, buttocks & hips

- Replaces traditional surgical intervention for Body Contouring

- No downtime, no recuperation period and no maintenance procedures

- Affordable treatments

- Can be performed after liposuction for smooth, soft, contouring effects


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