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Daily use of sun block, moisturiser and makeup can easily clog the skin. Twice daily cleansing and regular exfoliation will definitely keep your skin topically cleaned, but what about deep inside the pores and follicles? If the skin was completely flat it would be fine just to scrub it… but it’s not! The skin has pores and follicles that need to be regularly cleaned. Dirty, blocked skin is characterized by blackheads, congestion and blemishes.

Vacuuming and washing the skin simultaneously would be an ideal way to ensure the skin is deeply cleaned and decongested. The solution to this is the MINIVAC Microhydrabrasion system which exfoliates the skin with diamonds, vacuums out the dirt and then washes out the pores.

To maximize the most effective treatment, the Microhydrabrasion uses a system of water & aloe vera. We use water to clean and aloe to provide contact cooling and instant soothing. Combination together, create a truly soothing, refreshing treatment. Microhydrabrasion makes aggressive microdermabrasion treatments a thing of the past!

How it Works

Micro-Hydrabrasion has two key functions, which together combine the benefit of micro-dermabrasion with irrigation. The treatment is done in three stages. The first stage uses a diamond micro head to fully abrade the skin, removing surface dirt and dead skin skills. The second stage involves combines the diamond micro head with distilled water to irrigate (or flush) the pores, ensuring that your skin is completely unblocked and clean. The final stage is a soothing mask to replenish the skin.


Micro-Hydrabrasion is a 45 minute intensive cleansing treatment, so we recommend it is done monthly as part of your overall treatment programme. We recommend a series of treatments to keep your skin clean, clear and radiant.

Skin conditions

- acne

- dull, lifeless skins

- pigmentation

- scaring

- congestion & blackheads

- fine lines & wrinkles

Expected results

- smoother, softer, luminous, more radiant skin

- vacuumed pores to decongest for truly clean skin

- reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

The result lasts for weeks.


- faster recovery

- superior exfoliation results

- better tolerance for dry skins than standard microdermabrasion, giving optimum benefits to patients


The Minivac Micro-Hydrabrasion system is completely safe and has no negative side effects.


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