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The Kyäni Story.

Today Kyäni represents a health and wellness lifestyle for people all around the world.

Kyäni means "Strong Medicine" in Tlingit.

While in Alaska, Dick and Gayle Powell met a researcher who was studying the Alaskan Tlingit (Klink-it) tribe. The researcher was fascinated with the health of the tribe and noted that they had no words for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other common diseases in their vocabulary. The tribe routinely consumed the Wild Alaskan Blueberry as well as Sockeye Salmon. Research has since shown that these two foods represent some of the best nutritional value found anywhere.

The Powells shared their story with the Hansens and Taylors and with it Kyäni was born. Kyäni means "Strong Medicine" in Tlingit. Today Kyäni represents a health and wellness lifestyle for people all around the world.

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Supplements for Children with Autism Testimonial


Dr. Edwards son was born with autism. He put his son on Kyani products and experienced phenomenal results. Watch his testimonials to see why Dr. Edwards shares that Kyani products are excellent supplements for children with autism. His personal story.


Dr. Edwards shares additional details about how he was introduced to Kyani and the effect Kyani supplements had on his autistic son.


Candy Miller heard Dr.Edwards story and was inspired to give Kyani to her son. Watch her testimonial about why Kyani products are amazing supplements for autism and seizures.

Candy Miller’s son greatly improved after hearing Dr.Edwards story. He no longer has seizures. He went from not being functional. After 9 months, her son is active, self-sufficient, and can now sit for over 2 hours, and finish all his school tasks. Candy’s shares her testimonials about why Kyani products are amazing supplements for autism and seizures.



Kyani Relieves Sciatica and Improved Health for Skeptical Registered Nurse


Registered nurse that is skeptical about everything gets his life back with natural sciatica relief. Life changing experience for him and his friends and family. Back pain relieved. Amazed by the Kyani experience.




Diabetic and 3 time cancer survivor gets her life back with Kyani.


Diabetic and 3 time cancer survivor speaks about Kyani and how her quality of life has improved. Louise Furtado Unedited




Now I Sleep Though the Night Without Medication


Melissa Ramos suffered from insomnia and used Ambien to sleep through the night and now she doesn’t need it to have deep sleeps- learn how she did it and how it impacted her family including her daughter who is diagnosed with ADHD and wow!




I Controlled My Diabetes and Now I’m Medication Free


Geri Akagi had type 2 diabetes and is now medication free with Kyani.




Migraine Headaches Gone Naturally with Kyani


Learn how Chris Cannon treated his migraine headaches naturally with Kyani.



MRSA Natural Treatment: Please Read and Share


After 2 years of antibiotic drugs, this MRSA natural treatment beat the infection for my 5 year old daughter. If you know of anyone battling the MRSA strain of staph infections, share this post with them.


My daughter got MRSA probably 2 years ago. MRSA is cyclical. The way staph attacks you is once you get it, it comes back again and again causing excruciatingly painful sores. Some strains are flesh eating. MRSA stands for “methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus” or sometime referred to “multi-drug resistant staphylococcus aureus”. It’s mean. The bacteria has evolved over time to be resistant to penicillin and other drugs.


For about 2 years, my daughter was in this cycle. She would get staph pustules (gross, I know). Those would grow into boils, then when it got really bad, we’d take her to the emergency room to get the boils lanced and drained, then they’d put her on antibiotics for about 10 days. Then, we’d feed her tons of yogurt to try and get her good bacteria back into her body. Then, about 3-4 months later, the staph would return and she’d go on clindamycin antibiotics again.


Antibiotics are brutal on the immune system and it’s a vicious cycle because every time you take antibiotics, the staph gets more and more resistant to the antibiotics. It’s also brutal on the body because antibiotics also kill all the good bacteria that your body needs to digest food, etc.


We had casually given her Kyani in the past but this time we decided to give it to her religiously the same way we would give her antibiotics. She was about a day or two away from the time we usually take her to the emergency room for the MRSA to get the boils lanced and get a prescription for medication. I have personally been taking Kyani for my own health and it’s done amazing things for my athletic performance, recovery, etc. However, never had I used Kyani for a serious health condition. I personally know people who told me Kyani cured their diabetes, migraine headaches, and all that . . . but I’ll admit . . . I was skeptical when it was my daughter’s health on the line, especially with something potentially fatal like MRSA. Like any responsible person I was thinking, “Go to the doctor for drugs again or try something natural?” A tough decision for anyone.


Three times a day we gave her the following mixture: 1 ounce of Kyani Sunrise, 1 dropper of Kyani NitroXtreme, 1-2 drops of Doterra OnGuard essential oils, and apple juice. Sometimes we also put it on ice cream for her. It has a strong taste. She’s only 5 and had trouble trying to swallow the Sunset, so we had to skip that one.


Before we started giving her the mixture we drew a line around her infections so we could accurately see if the sores were growing or shrinking. Her sores stopped growing. In 2-3 days they started to shrink and in about a week they were no longer painful and they were gone. There were still marks that the sores had been there, but the infection totally receded.


I’m am so grateful for this natural treatment for MRSA! Like I said, I had been taking Kyani personally for years, and I told my wife before we started giving it to our daughter that if Kyani can help our daughter fight off the MRSA, this stuff is for real.


It’s for real. I’m so thankful for those who shared it with me and for Dale and Mike who really explained to me how powerful Kyani is and gave me the courage to give my daughter a natural treatment. That said, this is not medical advice. I’m also grateful for the doctors that took care of my daughter all the times she went to the hospital. But, if you’re inclined or inspired to use a natural approach to fight staph, this worked.


Share this post with your friends and family, Pin It, Facebook, Twitter, whatever you can do. Staph, especially MRSA, is nasty and this kicked a really bad case of it naturally.


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